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What to Do After Root Canal Treatment?

What to Do After Root Canal Treatment?

The purpose of root canal treatment is to inspect the inner part of the root and flush out the infected tissue and to seal the root.

Though root canal is assumed to be a painful treatment, it is basically not so irritating once cavity is filled and treatment is done properly.

For total recovery, here are the tips for post root canal care –

Apply Ice Packs

Swelling normally takes place after surgery. But you can control it by putting ice packs over the face.

Excessive Bleeding

You may suffer bleeding within 12 hours after treatment. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, put the pressure to the surgical area.

Don’t Rinse

During the first 6 hours, don’t rinse your mouth. Thereafter, rinse your mouth with the prescribed rinse or warm saltwater.


Initially, you may experience discomfort or pain. Take painkillers as prescribed by the doctor.


Do regular brushing! Avoid floss or tooth pick for the first week.


Avoid chips and any crispy food items that can cause irritation and break stitches. Instead, take drinks.

Don’t Chew

Don’t bite or chew directly with the cured tooth until the temporary restoration is replaced.

See the Dentist

After treatment, visit the dental clinic for regular checkup to ensure proper healing.

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