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Based on Abacus and Visual Arithmetic skills, UCMAS is a child development program which improves the brainpower of your child from 4 to 13 years. Apart from improving basic mathematics, UCMAS promotes overall brain development and builds foundation skills like concentration, memory, problem-solving, and creativity. These are the core skills that build great confidence and help you succeed in life and in all subjects.

The students gain the skills with this program to improve the overall academic excellence and to meet the challenges in life confidentially and achieve success. With our energetic instructors and exciting classrooms, our students can have fun when they learn.


What is Abacus?

Abacus is actually an instrument to add, multiply, subtract, and divide to calculate square roots and fractions. It is also known as world’s first computer.

Abacus is an age-old technique to visualize numbers with base -10 systems. It provides endless beads to manipulate for arithmetic calculations like division and addition. It is still used these days in several Asian countries. Visual math is essential to put real Abacus in your child’s mind. Once the children start to visualize Abacus, they start calculating problems with the principles of Abacus without physically using it.


Why UCMAS Laxmi Putra?

UCMAS Laxmi Putra is a well established educational organization with thousands of registered students in Jabalpur. With the legacy of 12 years, we are providing the best Abacus training in Jabalpur. We are aimed to enable every student to calculate faster than the calculator. We have several state level, national and international level champions.

Our overall brain development program covers key techniques which make learning Math fun and effortless. They learn to use the ancient technique Abacus to master these skills and develop the habit of thinking in pictures and learning to perform major calculations manually. Over time, students start loving this subject which they may have once hated a lot or even feared. They can achieve significant calculation speed.

Here, students learn to focus for a long period to manage time when it comes to finish long series of sums and to focus on multiple tasks at the same time. These are the major life skills that students use over and over again. UCMAS promotes the pleasure of self-discovery and lifelong learning with self-discipline. Students eventually become self-motivated learners, which is the best route to success.


Our Specialties

  • Only A+ Grade institution in the whole Mahakaushal region
  • We are leading since 2005 in Jabalpur
  • We have over 1600+ registered students
  • We produced several state level winners, national and international level champions

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