Do your kids hate Mathematics?

Do You Know?

  • The traditional Abacus, which is known today, was first invented in China around 500 B.C. The modern Abacus was used around 1300 A.D. in China.
  • Abacus is still used widely in some Asian communities.
  • Abacus is also known as world’s first computer and an instrument used to calculate fractions, add, multiply, divide, subtract, and to find out square roots.
  • Most of the school toppers are seeking UCMAS training these days. UCMAS don’t only removes fear of Math, it developers all around academic skills.

UCMAS Jabalpur Abacas Academy is the No.1 Abacas and Vedic Maths training institute in Jabalpur. Based on Abacas and Vedic Maths, UCMAS is a child development program which is meant to improve the brainpower in kids from 4 to 13 years.

Apart from Math skills, UCMAS promotes overall brain development of the children and builds key building blocks, such as concentration, memory, problem solving, and creativity. These are the core skills to build overall success and confidence in all the key areas of life.

With this program, you will be equipped with all the key skills that are needed to improve the overall academic skills and to meet the daily life challenges confidently. Our highly skilled instructors and classrooms ensure our kids to learn and have fun alike. We have helped thousands of children across the city to nurture a genius in them.


  • To teach children memorize things in images
  • To improve arithmetic ability
  • To teach how to calculate faster than a machine
  • TO improve their concentration level
  • A modern way to implement ancient concept of mathematics mentally
  • Originated in China but now reached across the world

Aims in developing your child’s intellect through memory, imaging, and focus

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Our Address:

Behind Mahakaushal School, Golbazar, Jablapur M.P.


-41.902277040964, 99.4921875



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