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Music is a huge part of everyone’s life. In many ways, music is a great medium for us to express our emotions. The dream of being on stage playing the guitar or performing with a rock band is something that we all see. And now this dream is made possible by one of the leading music schools in Jabalpur, Swapnil Music Classes.

It has been proven time and again that learning an art form such as music helps people develop in every aspect of life. Music is a great medium of communication and it is sure to shape individuals that are disciplined, compassionate and a model to the rest of the world. If you are thinking of enrolling your child in a music class and you are in Jabalpur, why go to anyone else when you have the best teachers ready for your service at Swapnil Music Classes. Learning any artform requires a friendly and helpful environment and this is exactly what Swapnil Music classes provide to all of its students. When you learn Music, you must have a clear understanding of all the technicalities that are to be taken care of, at Swapnil classes you are sure to find this kind of training at the end of which you are guaranteed to become an accomplished stage performer.

The instructors at Swapnil music classes possess great musical knowledge, both when it comes to the historical as well as the modern aspects of music. When learning music it is important to learn the art of dedication and hard work the kind of guidance that you will be provided with at Swapnil Music classes is sure to quite naturally build this dedication and the desire to work hard.

Parents often feel that it is very risky to let their kids pursue the art of Music as their profession but it is important to remember that the demand for good musicians is increasing every day and it is a huge industry with a wide scope. A good musician is hard to become but with guidance from highly qualified teachers at Jabalpur’s leading music school, Swapnil music classes, this process of becoming the best musician is simplified. Over the years they have developed a teaching method that keeps the study of Music very interesting and entertaining. Along with teaching music, Swapnil music classes also gives its student various opportunities to perform on stage along with its soft rock band, this helps students get acquainted with the stage and develops confidence in them.

Why teach my child music you may ask. Of course, it does improve your child’s musical skill. Along with that, music improves a child’s academic and physical skills thus ensuring that his/her performance at school improves. Learning a highly demanding art form such as music will help your children develop the discipline that is sure to benefit them in their later life. Music is known to boost self-esteem and it will no doubt make your child a lot more expressive than he or she is right now.

Why Swapnil Classes?

Our Instructors- at Swapnil music classes we have highly qualified instructors and all of them specialise in music. When learning an art form it is important to develop a special bond with the students, the friendly and helpful nature of all instructors at Swapnil music classes is sure to help every student share a special bond with his/her teacher. All the instructors at Swapnil music classes share a love for music and it is this love that they pass on to their students. The instructors here believe in building a strong base when it comes to musical training and it is this strong base that ensures that all students excel in the field of music.


Our Vision

At Swapnil music classes, our vision is to spread the love for music to every nook and corner of the world. We believe in the power of music and the power that it has in transforming people. Our desire is to ignite a passion for music in every student’s mind and enable every student to use this passion in every other aspect of life. We believe in using music to shape our students to be better human beings and serve the world with lots of love and compassion.

Details of our classes

Our classes are conducted every day from 8 to 11AM & 5 to 7 PM at Gupteshwar road near gupteshwar mandir jabalpur. We train students in instruments such at Guitar, Piano etc.. The perfect age to join training at Swapnil music classes is 10 years.

We welcome every music enthusiast in Jabalpur to visit our classes and be a part of them. We wish for everyone to be a part of the music world as the more you learn about music the more you start enjoying it.





Opening Hours


8 to 11AM & 5 to 7 PM


8 to 11 AM & 5 to 7 PM


8 to 11 AM & 5 to 7 PM


8 to 11 AM & 5 to 7 PM


8 to 11 AM & 5 to 7 PM


8 to 11 AM & 5 to 7 PM




Our Address:

Gupteshwar Road Near Gupteshwar Mandir Jabalpur


23.145547, 79.9181519



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