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Whether you are a full-time employee or a student, following your passion can never go wrong! If you love the melodious sound of guitar, piano or harmonium, you will never resist the urge to learn one. With your love for music in mind, Mr. Parijat Sathe brings PIANO – The Musical Heaven in your city Jabalpur. Music has the power to mesmerize anyone. It inspires everyone to follow their dreams. In all possible ways, we can help realize your dreams. We are looking forward to expand our presence across the city in all schools and education institutions, imparting music training to thousands of students.


Why Choose Us?

Our trainers and faculties are the beating hearts of our institution, combining a diverse mix of knowledge and experience from different fields of music. They are passionate and highly motivated in what they do. Along with being well-qualified musicians, our trainers can impart an exciting and engaging musical experience on regular basis. We have widest range of instruments to provide music training in Jabalpur, including, Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Violin, Drums, etc. We give special emphasis on Musical Knowledge and Theory to ensure complete growth of our students as a potential musician. The secret to our success is our unmatched, world-class curriculum. Our programs and courses have been designed specifically by the top educators from different parts of the world. We give strong emphasis to combine effective and modern modes of teaching with the latest technologies and techniques, instead of compromising the vital elements of traditional way of learning.

Our Courses


Piano is the most sought-after instrument used in all genres for ensemble and solo performances, rehearsal and composing, and for accompaniment.  Despite the fact that piano is not a portable instrument, it is still the most popular musical instruments due to its versatility. The learning instructions develop your ability to think creatively and provide various benefits to your behavioral and emotional development. There is absolutely no age limit to learn piano. For both young and old, it is proved to be an ideal instrument. Along with covering the basic and advanced learning of instruments, our holistic and creative program also focuses on the all-rounded development with Ear Training, Composition, History of Music and Theory. We provide proper guidance to our students to gain mastery in various skill sets in different music styles. We have a perfect blend of digital and acoustic pianos and each student is assigned with one piano, whether in solo or group environment.


A Digital Keyboard or Electronic Keyboard offers synthesized or sampled sounds to create music. The models have accompanying beats which can create complete performance. It is a very popular instrument because it is very portable and easy to use. You may start playing quickly in the process and in any style of popular music. The course focuses on all the music fundamentals and important drum techniques. At every stage, you will gain emphasis on performances, techniques, listening, sight reading, and composing your personal tunes.  With our customized backing tracks, you can learn playing in live band.


Guitar is another most popular instrument used in several musical genres across the world. It is known as the main instrument in several genres like country, blues, and metal, jazz, pop and various forms of rock. It has always been the dream of every youth to learn guitar. Our course is structured strategically in all difficulty levels. We have the excellent infrastructure by providing each student with an electric guitar and an effects processor.Harmonium Our experienced harmonium teachers are offering harmonium training to students, school children, adults, and college students. We teach the lively and energetic techniques and art of playing harmonium. We provide quality harmonium training in beginners, intermediate and advanced levels to our students at affordable ranges. Melodica Melodica is an instrument needs patience and practice to play, just like any other musical instrument. First of all, you need to hold melodica properly. If it is tenor or alto melodica, hold it with left hands and play the keys using right hand. Melodicas are basically built for right-handed users. Be sure to firmly hold the melodica, not so hard. There are several other techniques to learn melodica that are taught at our music classes. Our curriculum includes regular practice to improve your timing and ear. Our students learn with others.Keytar Whether you are just starting up to learn keyboard or an experienced musician, keytar is another fun musical instrument to learn. Unlike stand-up keyboards, keytars are better travel companions. They are very portable unlike other massive setups. It is the ideal solution for most artists who like to have less baggage. It is also very lightweight and convenient to hold and use. In addition, audience can easily notice your hand movements unlike in keyboards. Due to these benefits, many artists prefer to learn this instrument. If you are one of them, feel free to visit us. We have experienced teachers providing quality lessons to learn hybrid instruments.

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