Are you suffering from a disease that you cannot discuss with anyone?

Do you want your husband or son to quit smoking?

Welcome to Al Shafi Integrated Clinic!! Established with the sole aim to treat patients and provide easiest medical care to everyone, we provide proper consultation while keeping the identity of patients confidential.

No matter what condition you have, Dr. Meem A.K. Muhammadi can provide accurate treatment to the patients with impotence and sexual diseases. He can also help patients quit all kinds of addictions without even telling them.

Al shafi

Why Al Shafi Integrated Clinic?

We provide GUARANTEED treatment to children, men and women for all kinds of diseases under one roof.

If you have acne, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, chronic fever, arthritis pain, diabetes, skin cancer, impotency, or sexual disease, you may visit our clinic for guaranteed treatment.

Our Specialty

  • Sexual Problems – We can treat all kinds of sexual problems in male and female patients. They don’t have to care for their identity. We will keep their identity confidential. So, you may consult with us with full confidence. We can provide proper consultancy at a very minimal fee.
  • Impotency – If you are not getting pregnant due to any reason, you may consult with us. We will suggest the best treatment for you.
  • All types of Pain – If you are suffering arthritis pain, back pain, knee joints pain, and any other type of pain, you may consult with us.
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse – If your father, brother, son, or spouse is in drug or alcohol abuse or can’t quit smoking, we can provide proper treatment without even telling them.
  • Skin Cancer – If you have got skin damage due to sun exposure or developing signs of premature aging, you may get proper treatment from us.
  • Height Problem – If your son’s growth is stopped due to genetic problem or your children’s height is not increasing, bring them to our clinic.
  • Male Infertility – There are different reasons behind male infertility. We can provide treatment based on the causes to treat the condition from the root.
  • Premature Ejaculation – It is another common condition that can hinder your sex life and sexual health in future. To deal with it, we don’t recommend any typical pills that have side effects. We provide only safe and natural cure for it.

Al shafi

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Opening Hours


morning 10 to 2 & evening 8 to 10


morning 10 to 2 & evening 8 to 10


morning 10 to 2 & evening 8 to 10


morning 10 to 2 & evening 8 to 10


morning 10 to 2 & evening 8 to 10


morning 10 to 2 & evening 8 to 10


morning 10 to 2 & evening 8 to 10

Ahmed Nagar, near Masjid, Behind Gohalpur Police Station, Jabalpur


Our Address:

Al Shafi Swasthya Sewa Kendra Talib shah chowk,pasiyana,raja chowk road, jabalpur


23.193088, 79.9332096



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