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How to Maintain Natural Hair?

How to Maintain Natural Hair?

Most of the time, we find it hard to care for natural hair. Sometimes, it is simple while it is a total struggle on other days. Mostly, it’s not the hair causing a trouble. Instead it is what we are doing to our hair. Here’s what you should stop doing to your hair right now.

Overdoing Hair Straightening

Do you use hair straightener too much? It may heat damage your hair. If you are straightening only the front of hair, it may suffer heat damage.

Instead you must put on weave styles to blend your natural hair properly. Or you can go with alternatives like silk wrap method and avoid overheating to your locks.

Don’t Detangle when Hair is Dry

Unless you want to remove all the beautiful curls and your hair develop split ends, stop doing it now. If you detangle your hair when they are dry, it is very harmful. Detangle your hair when it is wet and when you are conditioning or washing it.  Detangle your hair with fingers or with wide tooth comb. You must start from the bottom and go up to detangle your hair safely.

Drying Hair with Bath Towel

Drying your hair with bath towel can rinse out all the needed moisture and cause dryness and snags. Instead dry your hair with an old t-shirt to lock in the moisture and keep breakage at bay.

Don’t Sleep on Cotton Pillowcase

Like using towel, sleeping on cotton pillowcase is also harmful to your hair. Cotton pillowcases are too rough to your hair and can cause friction to the hair. Instead, prefer satin or silk pillowcases or scarves.

Shampooing, not Conditioning

It is true that shampooing removes oil, dirt, and grime off your hair. But conditioning retains natural moisture and help in detangling hair. If you just shampoo your hair without conditioning, your hair is getting dry. After shampooing, don’t forget to condition your hair.

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