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How to Look Stylish with Bridal Eye Makeup?

How to Look Stylish with Bridal Eye Makeup?

Every bride spends a lot of time in search of a perfect bridal makeup for her marriage. We have listed some of the unique ideas for bridal eye makeup to make your search even easier. These ideas will help you get unique and bright eye makeup for your big day.

Smokey Makeup for Dusky Skin

Smokey bridal makeup is in trend these days. For darker skin tones, mastering such technique yourself is very daunting. It is better to visit your nearest beauty parlor. The key is to add the eye shadow colors eventually, without overdoing it in the first attempt. It can complement virtually any attire.

Rosy Makeup for Light Skin

Eye makeup should match the rest of your facial makeup, such as lip coloring or contouring. If you have soft color profile or lighter skin tone, it is the perfect eye makeup.

Copper Eye Makeup

Copper eye shadow is the best thing about this bridal eye makeup. It is best for traditional bridal outlook. This heavy eye makeup looks amazing with thick eye lashes.

Metallic Eye Makeup

It can look glamorous as a very modern eye makeup. You can match up with bridal lehngas and traditional South Indian silks in salmon or peach colors. Winged tips can match up the eyes. Add mascara to eye lashes for this eye makeup.

Butterfly Eye Makeup

To pair up with multi-colored eye shadow, it is the perfect bridal eye makeup which has the hues of bridal attire. Your eyelids are like canvas where any color of eye shadows can be painted by the makeup artists.

Charcoal Eye Makeup

You can accentuate the waterline in this bridal eye makeup. It highlights the eyes of a bride with luscious lashes. The charcoal composition adds Smokey effect so anyone cannot stop gazing at your eyes.

We hope you’ve liked these bridal eye makeup tips. Try any one of them to add an effect to your bridal makeup. To get more details or to wear the perfect bridal eye makeup, visit us at Ritu Beauty Parlour.

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