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Dumna Nature Park – Experience the Nature at its Best in Jabalpur

Dumna Nature Park – Experience the Nature at its Best in Jabalpur

Dumna Nature Reserve, popularly known as Dumna Nature Park or Dumna Park, is an ecotourism site which is open to the common public in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The special attractions here are forests, dam, 1058-hectare of wilderness and wild animals like wild boar, chital, jackals, porcupine, etc. Leopards have also been spotted in and around the nature park.

The nature park has a restaurant and children’s park. Khandari Dam is also covered in the nature park where some of the popular attractions are rest house, tent platform, hanging bridge, toy train, fishing platform, and boating. Because of the presence of crocodiles, water activities like swimming or bathing are prohibited here.

Khandari Dam – A Special Attraction

Built by J.H. Morris, Chief Commissioner, Central Provinces & Berar, Khandari is a spill-type dam. On February 26, 1883, the dam was constructed to ensure proper water supply across the city of Jabalpur. The capacity of the dame is 6.3 million cu. Metre. And its capacity of water supply is from 6.75 to 9 MLD.

Why Dumna Nature Reserve is Popular?

Dumna Nature Park is, basically, a wildlife reserve with rich bio-diversity of wildlife. Here, some of the famous attractions are langurs, jackals, wild boar, spotted deer, chital, and porcupine. It also has various bird species.

The park has variety of plants and trees as well as lush greens. You can enjoy walking on the sideways to get a closer insight to the wild animals. It also has a restaurant, toy train and kids’ park. Here, you can enjoy fishing, toy train, and various recreation activities. You may book guest house or tent house to spend a relaxing afternoon here. It is also famous for Khandari Dam where one can rent a boat.

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