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Bhanisa Ghat – An Unexplored, Lush Green Heaven in Jabalpur

Bhanisa Ghat – An Unexplored, Lush Green Heaven in Jabalpur

Bhainsa Ghat is truly an unexplored yet exotic natural spot that is full of surprises. It is located just 50km from Jabalpur.

It’s very shocking why such a stunning destination is still unexplored in Jabalpur. Another shocking fact is that even the locals don’t know about this serene work of art by nature. When we got there, we were really surprised and wondering how we have missed such an exciting place in Jabalpur.

Why is Bhainsa Ghat Known For?

Bhainsa Ghat is mainly known for a stunning waterfall which is such a wonderful creation by nature. It’s look like a stairs to the heaven which are crafted by falling water. However, the place is quite risky to visit. You also need to be very careful when roaming around the hilly regions.

It is advised to take food with family or group of friends if you are thinking to get there and spend a whole day over there. You may also cook food over there and enjoy warm cooked meals. Several families and groups get there and prefer to cook food themselves.

A Photographer’s Delight

If nature photographer is in your blood, you will definitely want to visit this place as it has a lot of beautiful sceneries to capture. You may find many people taking selfies over there. You will surely freeze the time and escape into the beauty of nature.

When we visited Bhainsa Ghat and asked other groups, they told that they are the mainly based in Jabalpur but it was their first time to get there. People who ever visited this place agreed that they had seen almost nothing earlier.

Once you get there and return from there, it is sure that you will surely want to get there once again and explore the wonderful gift of nature to Jabalpurians, Bhainsa Ghat.

Getting There

Now let’s come to the point! You need to pick the route to Damoh from Jabalpur. After traveling around 30 km, you will reach a town named Katangi. From there, you will need to travel around 5 km and you will find a pathway which leads you to the hilly areas of Bhainsa Ghat. The road along the hilly regions has a lot of twists and turns. The road is not so wide. Hence, you will love the thrill of riding over there.

Don’t worry; road quality is good from Jabalpur to Bhainsaghat. It is surely a natural heaven and is less spoiled by human interaction, unlike other popular destinations in Jabalpur. So, it doesn’t have any resort or restaurant. But you still should get there to experience the true and pure beauty of nature.

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