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Best Asthma Clinics in Jabalpur

Best Asthma Clinics in Jabalpur

Respiratory clinic is specialized in diagnosis and cure of different respiratory diseases like asthma, pneumonia etc. There are some clinics in Jabalpur offering huge range of treatment to the patients with respiratory illness.

They have mechanical ventilation and life support system for patients with severe problems. The doctors over there are chest specialists who provide best cure for the same. They can treat different chest related issues like asthma, pneumonia, TB, and various complicated chest problems.

A huge population of Jabalpur is affected by severe respiratory problems due to increasing pollution in city areas. But pollution is not the only reason. Sometimes, it is due to genetic defect.

Sometimes drinking habits and bad eating are responsible for serious damage to the body defense and it causes respiratory illness. TB is the common example which is also caused by smoking.

Prahmaya Clinic

Prahmaya Clinic is affiliated and certified by the Indian Institute of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, New Delhi. Operated by Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bharty, MBBS, DNB (Respiratory Diseases), Prahmaya Clinic is a one-stop destination to cure allergy which is very common in Jabalpur. He is also an Asst. Medical Professor at Medical College, Jabalpur.

He is specialized to treat constant fatigue and breathlessness, problem in asthma or breathing, seasonal cold, TB, bronchitis, allergy with dust, dry cough, snoring, pneumonia, etc.

At Prahmaya Clinic, you will be offered with different treatments in sleep conditions, respiratory problems, and allergy. Dr. Bharty is well trained from the leading institute in the country and he is dedicated to treat and prevent chest problems.

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